Why choose Dream Footage Productions?

One hour FREE consultation service to tailor your request and individualize your package. Consultation is a cure for confusion & Doubt.

  • All photos are ready to print & delivered in large files.
  • Full ceremony film edit with any package.
  • Full reception film edit with any package.
  • Your wedding video in high definition (will look amazing on your big-screen TV).
  • Prompt delivery 12 weeks or less after the wedding on both Photo & Video.
  • Upon final delivery of your product, the balance of your full payment is due, to ensure that you are satisfied with your last memories.
  • Custom packages offered just to cover traditional 2 or more day weddings.
  • Best of all, we offer both Photography & Film so we work as a team & get the job done.
  • Discounts are part of “every smiley face” so we can also offer such on our combined packages.

Will you shoot our wedding?

We won’t double-book your date.
We take to heart the incredible trust our couples place in us on one of the most important days of their life, and in return we have a feeling of commitment that exceeds anything written on paper.

How far do you travel?

Usually in the Greater Toronto area, …but your destination, can be our destination.Maybe deep space is in the stars for us….

What kind of cameras do you use?

We have DSLR cameras which give us the capability to shoot

Full-HD video and Professional photography cameras/lenses. We also carry back up equipment, to ensure that we cover all the bases.

With regard to equipment, we actually consider the best for weddings, all the other supporting gear will be also used such as lenses, stabilizers, slides, stands, tripods, microphones, etc .

We are all professionals and never blame our tools like “uncle Bob” if they were ever hired .

Will you get along with my photographer or videographer if I choose only one product of your company ?

We are Professionals and take great pride in making your day, one of the most important days in your life. We are committed to doing our part to help ensure your needs and requests are met, and will work with other vendors, as needed to accomplish this task.

What do you wear?

For weddings our dress-code is professional attire. We are with you all day and the saying goes.. “When we look good…you look good”

 Who picks the music for the film edit disc?

Music that was performed / played at your wedding will be in the documentary edit only if permitted by your vendor/musician you hired!

The rest of the music is your selection that you provide, and is subject to copyright.

Do we get the raw video?

Yes, if you want it…we include it as an integral part of the documentary edit. As we are able to shoot with multiple cameras, we can provide various angles with integrated professional audio for your greatest possible screening experience.